As a new generation of feminists have risen up around the world in what's been called "Third Wave" or "Choice" feminism, many are questioning: should feminists support all women's choices or are some choices actually holding women back? "People can make personal choices as much as they want, but how does that contribute to the liberation of all women?"

Many people were left dumbfounded and shocked after the 2016 presidential election. Much of this shock was brought on by the belief that in 2016 we live in a post- race society - how could someone so unapologetically racist be elected president? In this episode we will define "post-race" and why it will never actually be true.

RaceAnd is a video series exploring the ways that race compounds and intersects with all the other issues faced by people of color. Each video features a different artist, activist, or thinker, sharing their lived experience of how race intertwines with their other identities, and how that mix impacts their lives both personally and systemically.
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