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Omega Institute: Being Bold-Women & Power Retreat

Being Bold

September 18–20
Course 4902-974

Tiered Pricing Options*—Friend: $470 Tier 1: $395 Tier 2: $320 Tier 3: $245

There are other ways of being brave.

It’s time to change our definition of what it means to be daring. The classic myth of the hero’s journey traces an arc of death-defying adventure, but across the globe women are forging a new path—one that blends risk-taking with caretaking, fearlessness with tenderness, and independence with interdependence. On our planet—with no territory left to exploit and no war that can be won—empathy, love, and wisdom have become the most heroic of all endeavors.

This retreat is for women who are ready to break new ground and heed the call for personal and collective boldness. Keynote talks and discussions inspire us to awaken our bold spirits, cultivate our innate aliveness, expand our ability to know both the self and “the other,” and connect with women who are redefining courage the world over.

Breakout workshops in movement, contemplation, and creativity provide tools for practicing everyday boldness. Throughout the weekend enjoy Omega’s campus and leave time for walks in nature, yoga and meditation classes, evening entertainment, and creating community with each other.


*Tiered Pricing

At Omega, we believe that the benefits of a holistic education should be available to everyone. We also recognize that what is affordable for some will not be for all. We are now offering Tiered Pricing* on select programs to help meet the varying financial needs of our community.

On programs where Tiered Pricing is available, select the price that is appropriate for you. This program works on an honor system. Keep in mind that the highest price reflects the cost of the workshop and allows Omega to sustain itself, whereas the lower prices cover only a portion of those costs.

Tier 1 Friends: $470 This level reflects the price of your workshop plus a tax-deductible donation of $75 to support Omega and our mission. Choosing this price includes membership in Friends of Omega and membership privileges throughout the year

Tier 1:$395 This is the true cost of your workshop. Choosing this price helps Omega continue to retain world-class teachers and sustain classroom facilities.

Tier 2:$320 This is our partially subsidized price for those with temporary or minor financial need.

Tier 3:$245 This is our heavily subsidized price for those in need of deeper financial assistance.

*Tiered Pricing is subject to change and cannot be combined with other discounts. Register